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Folsom Farms

930 County Line Rd
Alexandria, TN 37012
Since 2005

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Earth, sun, rain and grass. Grass is the keystone for healthy natural farm products. And ultimately grass is what you want to eat. Good grass.

Welcome to Folsom Farms! We are a family-operated farm, natural from the ground up. Located in Middle Tennessee, our products are chock full of the earth, sun, rain and grass.

Our products:

  • Pastured eggs
  • Grass fed wools
  • Raw & Crafted Wool, Metal, Fiber & Wooden Treasures

Natural fertilizers? Yes, including manures from our farm.
Chemical pesticides? No. We use bugs to compete with bugs.
Chemical herbicides? No, that would mess up the earth.

Animals are very important to us. After all, they do most of the critical work combining and recycling nutrients. We care for them and they have our respect.

See, feel and taste the difference.

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